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Erma was the primary caregiver to Mr. Gil Carter, baseball legend of the Negro League who still holds the record for hitting his famous baseball home run of 733 ft. During this time, she learned not only of his baseball skills and accomplishments but more importantly, of his community services to the youth of Topeka. Prior to his death she committed to him to carry on his legacy and thus was formed the Gil Carter Initiative Inc., a non-profit organization in Topeka Kansas.

Presently Erma serves as the chair of the board of directors, Gil Carter Initiative Inc. and still find time to serve in the following capacity:

- Independent Wellness Consultant, Chef and Culinary Instructor

- President of Highland Acres NIA

- Member of the Shawnee County Farm & Food Advisory Council

- Lead community groups on smoking cessation programs resulting in a 100% success rate.

- Successfully assist HIV patients through natural treatment.

- Assisted the Boys and Girls Club of America to help reduce childhood obesity resulting in participants experiencing more proportional growth patterns.

- Completed palliative care protocols for individual cancer patients to minimize and manage primary and secondary symptoms during the last stages of life.

- Developed and implemented a lunch program for a private school to promote healthy food choices towards minimizing the risk of disproportionate growth patterns.

Hobbies include ballroom dancing and quiet time at home watching “The Classics” Erma is a proud mother of four lovely children and seven grandchildren.'

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